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write date : 2011-03-12 05:04:31   
Everything Is Changing
 답장 |Dr. Kent Moors 나에게
세부정보 표시 3월 11일 (1일 전)
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Dear Oil & Energy Investor,
Dr. Kent Moors On:
Bears Take Over the Natural Gas Market
Why the Conoco Phillips Stock Buyback Means Money in Your Pocket
Renewable Energy May Provide the World's Most-Needed Resource
Egypt Events Prompt a Change in the Oil Mindset
Welcome! I'm thrilled you decided to join me in my twice-weekly dispatch.
I have no doubt that you'll be excited, too, when you see the information and advice in each letter you receive.
You see, 2011 is going to be a critical year in the oil and energy markets. There's little doubt that oil will break the $150-a-barrel mark by summer - and head up from there. And that means huge gains for those who know how to play it.
In every issue, you'll learn what the energy industry's biggest players are doing to make more money for themselves... and how you can profit, too.
The only reason I know this is because I've been advising these guys for 31 years now, including:
Six of the world's top 10 oil companies...
Leading natural gas producers throughout Russia, the Caspian Basin, the Persian Gulf and North Africa...
High-level officials from the U.S., Russian, Kazakh, Bahamian, Iraqi and Kurdish governments...
Governors of several U.S. states and the premiers of two Canadian provinces...
The Bank of England, the Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust, Citicorp, Control Data, AT&T, Deutsche Bank, EDS, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Finance Corporation, the Russian Central Bank and Westinghouse...
That's just to name a few.
I meet with my energy-industry clients all year-round... and in places all over the world. The intelligence I get from these meetings is invaluable.
And here's the thing...
I'm quite content to bill the Wall Street gaggle for my services. But I never give these guys investment advice. They serve merely to steer the current herd mentality in the Big Apple, often adding to the problems.
They're not the real driving force in the market. That role is occupied by millions of individual investors - the real soul of the free market.
People like you, for instance.
That's why I'm making my recommendations here in this new letter... for investors who don't - or simply can't - get access to this kind of information.
Again, I'm glad to have you on board. Stay tuned... I'll send you my next issue in just a few days.
And in the meantime, here's a story about game-changing opportunities in the oil and natural gas industries. This information is coming down from the U.S. Department of State and involves vital resources in the Middle East and North Africa. This is a huge development.
Dr. Kent Moors
P.S. By the way... To get access to my preferred portfolio, take a look at the Energy Advantage. This is a brand-new service I created because readers wanted to know what - specifically - I recommend buying right now. As you'll see, the biggest gains aren't coming from the biggest producers anymore. They're coming from smaller, more specialized firms - companies delivering niche (and expensive) services to the Oil & Gas industry... and creating enormous profits for their shareholders. Indeed, this is an opportunity to get in on the biggest energy game-changer since Texas oil was discovered. Yes, it's that big. Take a look.
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Shale Gas Initiative Brings Morocco to My Doorstep

by Kent Moors Ph.D. | published December 13th, 2010

On Friday morning, I met with a delegation from Morocco. The five officials were from ONHYM (Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines), the national agency overseeing oil, gas, and mining. They're here in the U.S. under the provisions of a Department of State (DOS) initiative on the major new energy source – shale.

And they gathered in my conference room in Pittsburgh to discuss how to best manage this significant new source of fuel.
The DOS project is the Global Shale Gas Initiative (GSGI), launched in April to help make the U.S.' extensive experience in shale production available to countries around the world. The emphasis so far has been on the shale gas side – although North Africa in general, and Morocco in particular, may also have significant deposits of oil shale.
GSGI recognizes two very important developments.
First, shale is going to change the energy sourcing mix significantly. (As game-changers go, this one is huge.) Second, it may just be the most significant opportunity for the export of American hydrocarbon technology and knowhow to come along in generations.
Both of these developments are going to provide major advantages for rest of the world… and major profits for us.
Moving forward, new oil and gas shale production will be providing considerable options for plays in exploration and production (E&P) companies, as well as in technical providers.
I have already written here several times on the shale gas moves in the U.S. (see "Marcellus Shale About to Take Off on One Sweet Ride") and Canada ("Natural Gas Comes Roaring Back in Western Canada"), as well as oil shale in California ("The 'Granddaddy' of Shale Formations Just Got Profitable Again").
Yet this is hardly a North American play only.
Shale gas is already under development in Western Europe, and plans are advancing quickly for major projects in China. However, the geology tells us that the MENA region (the Middle East and North Africa) may well hold more shale than any other area on Earth.
And that's what brought this Moroccan delegation to Pittsburgh to see me.

To Develop Shale Gas, You Need Three Things

There is no question North Africa is excited about its shale prospects. Yet several of the countries have had difficulty identifying projects.
That has led the Tunisian oil and gas authority – the Entreprise Tunisienne d'Activités Pétrolières (ETAP) – to organize a workshop devoted to unconventional gas early next year.
Only a few potential deposits of shale gas have been identified thus far in Tunisia. But on the other hand, the country has a number of tight gas reservoirs that are hard to exploit because they lack natural links leading to drilled wells. The reserves must be artificially stimulated in order for the gas to be extracted.
Tight gas – like shale gas – requires hydrofracking and horizontal drilling. Thus far, deposits have been identified in Tunisia on blocks under development by Italian major Eni (NYSE:E), Austrian state company OMV (LSE:0MKH-EUR.UK; OTC:OMVKY), Pioneer Natural Resources (NYSE:PXD), and several smaller private companies.
ETAP would like to hammer out a contractual framework to organize exploration for unconventional gas. (That's the same reason the ONHYM delegation came to talk to me.) Sonatrach, the Algerian state company, is probably furthest along in the region – having already spudded test wells and identified shale gas reserves at the Belkacem Boumediene deposits.
But everybody in the region needs three things: 1) a plan; 2) access to technology; and 3) help in developing what are likely to be very large blocks.
That is where the GSGI project comes in.

Morocco Needs the U.S. to Help Tap 37 Billion Barrels

Morocco has known about its potential shale boon for several years. ONHYM has been trying to make the most out of three shale oil deposits located near Tangiers, Timahdit, and Tarfaya.
The junior San Leon Energy (OTC:SLGYF), owned by Irish businessman Oisin Fanning, holds rights on Tarfaya, while Brazilian major Petrobras (NYSE:PZE) is exploring the Timahdit deposit. But no significant work has yet been carried out on the two permits (although San Leon is moving ahead with an oil shale test plant that should be operational next year).
Despite the lack of early success, there are good reasons why these companies are continuing the effort. The two deposits are potentially huge – with Timahdit believed to hold some 15 billion barrels and Tarfaya almost 22 billion barrels.
GSGI has also come along at a good time for the Moroccan government.
You see, they're showing some impatience in moving forward with all of this. That has led to movement with unusual partners.
In late May, Energy Minister Amina Benkhadra signed a memorandum of understanding with the Estonian state-owned company Eesti Energia (also called Enefit) to exploit Morocco's own shale oil potential. Enefit was, at one time, the world's largest producer of oil shale from several deposits in Estonia. It also has developed a technology to produce electricity from oil shale.
Yet Enefit is not large enough to make the difference Morocco needs.
So ONHYM has come to the U.S. in search of assistance and a better fit in joint venture partners. The DOS is now hard at work facilitating that attempt, meaning it should hold significant promise for both Moroccan and U.S. companies.
I have agreed to provide help to ONHYM as they design their plan and regulations. That means when developments really start moving, I'll be in the perfect position to fill you in.
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