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Mask - Beauty Friends (Korea)

Beauty Friends Mask Sheet - Hot Seller in Korea

 Aloe Mask Pack  - RM6

Includes aloe extracts that help to prevent 
infection while it moisturizes dry skin.

Arbutin Mask Pack - RM6 

Includes arbutin that helps to prevent the 

formation of melanin while it cleans and moisturizes.

Aroma Mask Pack - RM6

Helps to soothe the tired skin and make skin feel soft 

and supple while it cleans and moisturizes.


 Coenzyme Q10 Mask Pack - RM6

Includes coenzyme Q10 extracts that help to
rejuvenate sensitive skin while it cleans and moisturizes.

Collagen Mask Pack - RM6

Includes collagen that helps to make skin feel soft and supple while it cleans and moisturizes.

  Cucumber Mask Pack - RM6

Includes cucumber extracts that help to tighten pores, soften rough skin while it cleans, 
moisturizes and hydrates.

 Green Tea Mask Pack - RM6

Includes green tea extracts which are naturally rich in antioxidants, 
which help to protect skin from free radicals.

Herb Mask Pack - RM6 

Includes herbal extracts that help to rejuvenate sensitive skin while it cleans and moisturizes.

Lemon Mask Pack - RM6 
Includes lemon extracts containing lots of vitamin C 
which helps to rejuvenate and make skin elastic. 
It also cleans and moisturizes the skin.



I've have extras of these masks so putting them up for sales at . Buyer can choose on 1st come 1st serve basis.

ONLY RM10.00 for 2 packets of your choice.

It's the powder type of soft mask to be mixed with water (50cc -70cc) , making it into a thick/sticky paste.
One packet can use up to 3 times. Just peel off after 15-20 minutes.

Weight is 40g per pack.

Ingredients based on the manufacturer's information on the packets
Contains natural collagen, highly purified natural material,
aroma essential oil, natural ingredients with organic material such as multi vitamin, collagen, other natural
moisturizing factor.

Note: On regular usage, it is suppose to improves absorption on nutrients and moisture to the skin , accelerate skin
metabolism, anti-ageing, lighten colour spots and whitens the skin.

wub.gif Attached Image Attached Image

Choice of: 1) Peach Depigment (stock: 2 packets) ----left 1 packet only
2) Rosemary Aroma (stock: 2 packets) SOLD!
3) Algae Hydrating (stock : 2 packets)----- left 1 packet only.
4) Lavender Aroma (stock: 2 packets)

Please ask Postages quote: either Pos Daftar or Pos Laju. yawn.gif

Payment either via Maybank2u or CIMB bank.


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Focus on Skincare.

I’ve just recently got a job, and already I’m planning what I’m going to spend my earnings on! Eventually, I will be sensible, however I think I’m going to go a little spending crazy at first, as it’ll be the first time I’ll be regularly recieving a decent sum of money.. so if my posts seem a little SPEND SPEND SPEND for a while, please excuse me! I’m not normally like that…
Anyway, the first thing I want to buy, is some nice skincare products. Noones skin is perfect, and we all know our own problem areas.. for me, it’s dry skin on my legs & face in the winter, enlarged pores on my nose & cheeks all the time, and just generally, I’d like to even out the sort of red patches, dry patches, blemishes and wobbly bits, which we ALL have!
Instead of hiding everything behind a layer of makeup, it’d be nice to work from the inside out – create a nice, smooth, clean, radiant face, which can be enhanced with makeup or happily left makeupless.
So anyway.. here are some of the products I’ve been eyeing up recently.
First off.. Montagne Jeunesse.

(note.. the products in this image aren’t necessarily vegan; it’s just the first generic picture I yoinked off google)
Montange Jeunesse products have been around for years, but today I randomly remembered about their existence. I’ve never used any of their products, but I knew that a lot of them were vegan, so I thought I’d check the website out. And it is VAST – I had no idea how many products they sell! They specialize in face masks, but also do a few other treatments, such as haircare and foot treatments. A lot of them are vegan (but some aren’t) – so it’s just a case of browsing their site and choosing yourself some items which have scents & properties which appeal to you, and which are cruelty-free. If I buy any, it’s definitely going to take me a LONG time to choose! They are also available in Superdrug. It’s cool how they come in individual sachets, so you can afford to try a few (bit of a packaging issue with that though – I imagine it would be more environmentally-friendly to buy a facemask in a tube.)
These Natural Charcoal Nose Pore Strips are vegan, and £1.49 for a pack of three.
Algae & Dead Sea Cellulite Mud Mask – 99p. Great if you’re happy with the weight you are and don’t necessarily want to lose any, but just want to make the best of what you’ve got.. a face mask for your thighs!
This 99p footcare product looks perfect for after a long day of walking or standing up all day at work – it comes with two different treatments; a soak, and then a lotion for afterwards.
…there are so many more lovely sounding products, but I’d better stop there, or we could be here all week! Anyway they’re a lot of fun, and would be great stocking fillers (..not that we’re thinking about Christmas already!)
Next up, along similar lines, I turn to trusty Lush..
Cupcake Fresh Face Mask – £4.95. Chocolate-scented, vegan, and deep-pore cleansing. The reason I’ve never bought Cupcake before, is that its freshness means that it needs to be used within a month of manufacture, whereas I tend to stockpile Lush products and hoard them for special occassions (I still have bubble bars & bath bombs from Christmas & my birthday (April), and I didn’t even recieve many of them, I just like to save them!)
Lush Colour Supplement – £7.50. This product intrigues me; it comes in four different colours, and the website says:
“Just mix into your favourite moisturiser for a natural tint or use on its own as a foundation. You can also dot a little around unsightly blemishes for effective coverage.”
So it sounds like quite a nice little multi-purpose cosmetic product.
Another Lush product which is intriguing me at the moment is this:

Charlotte Island Body Tint. £4.95/£9.95. Now, I’ve never used a fake-tanning product in my life.. but this one sounds good. In fact, its only negative reviews on the Lush site seem to be saying it’s too subtle, which to me is a good thing. Now, I do actually try to embrace my paleness – particularly in the winter, especially on my face. I intentionally pick foundation shades a bit lighter than my skintone.. but when it comes to the body, I can imagine a bit of colour would work wonders at evening out skintone, disguising blemishes and just making you look all together more pulled-together and slender. A mellow tan is supposed to be quite slimming & flattering.
Another company who I remember hearing a lot about but have never purchased any products from, is Jergens. I remember a while ago seeing TV adverts for their ‘Natural Skincare’, so I checked their website to see if any of their products are vegan and yes, they are. I am liking the look of their Skin Firming Lotion..
An absolute favourite product of mine, which I mention time after time, is Amie’s Morning Dew Moisturiser..

For me, it is the absolute perfect moisturiser for my skintype. Recently, I’ve been depending on Superdrug own-brand – which is all well and good, and great if you’re on a tight budget – but I can’t wait to get some Amie back in my life!
Moving onto the outer layer, I bring you my Urban Decay wishlist..

Complexion Perfection Pore Perfecting Primer Potion.
24/7 Concealer

Razor Sharp Definition Powder
(Plus the usual eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeliners etc! But I’ll stick to skin items for now..)
And not forgetting Lily Lolo – on my wishlist from them at the moment is, of course, their Mineral Foundation – what they are known for, and the only foundation/face powder item I have used for years (although I’m going to try it in a different shade this time; perhaps Blondie instead of Candy Cane, because I’m starting to think it’s a bit too pink for my complexion) And also their Flawless Matte Finishing Powder – which I’ve had a sample of before, and want to buy for real!
That’s all for now! xx

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