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write date : 2011-03-12 23:34:42   
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alginate Mask: The Healing Power Of Seaweed

In recent years, widespread and increasing popularity acquired cosmetics containing plant extracts. Particularly effective means are algae that have a unique set of ingredients.
Cosmetics based on the algae can not cause an allergic reaction, and this particular sin cosmetics based on animal extracts.

Most effective in terms of cosmetology are brown and red seaweed, which is extracted from the bottom of the oceans and seas.

Especially valuable is the alginic acid - high organic element, which includes numerous amounts of polysaccharide chains. Alginic acid is able to bind large amounts of water, whose mass is several times the mass of the organic compound. As a result, gel-like substance is formed which has many useful trace elements and vitamins that can improve the metabolic processes in the skin and rejuvenate it. This feature formed the basis for alginate masks that are good that fill the skin texture and render it beneficial, deeply penetrating into all the wrinkles.

Alginate mask prevents the moisture from the skin, thanks to its waterproof properties. As a result, enhanced local metabolism, improves breathing fabrics, go faster decay products. Using alginate mask can significantly improve the shape of the face, remove wrinkles, eliminate spider veins on the skin. In addition, alginate mask have antioxidant properties.

In alginate mask is often added extracts of various medicinal herbs such as chamomile, menthol, rosewood, and wheat germ. Such masks enhance the action of other cosmetic products placed under a mask.
Alginate mask sold in powder form in special bags or in cans.

This powder should be diluted in a non-carbonated mineral water, stir well and then quickly put on clean skin. The mask dries up within ten minutes, then remove it and wash away the remnants of warm water.
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