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Claudia Skin Care Center

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Services & Pricing


   About Face

European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial - 1 Hour: $65.00

Permanent Make-up (Enhancing Cosmetic Tattoo)
Brows - 1 application: $300.00
Lip Liner: $400.00
Eye Liner (Top): $200.00
Eye Liner Top/bottom: $350.00
We charge additional $10.00 for disposable Needle
Second Application done within 3 months apart, receive 50% discount.

PAB Eye Treatment Masque - 20 ms: $55.00

Aromatherapy Herbal Enzyme Facial - 1 Hour: $70.00
Oxygenate/Bleaching Facial w/Vitamin C: $80.00 (series of packages are available)

Repechage Four Layer Facial/Firming - 90 ms: $95.00
Sea weed / Algae mask for mature skin to improve elasticity

Gentleman's Refreshing Facial - 1 Hour: $70.00

Glycolic AHA Treatment (Fruit Acid) - 40 ms: $50.00

Ampoule for skin supplement/Normalizing: $10.00

MicroDermabrasion-EuroPeel (lunch Peel)
Face only with Masque - 20 ms: $100.00
Face + Neck + Masque - 1/2 hr: $150.00
Scarring Spots each - 15ms: $25.00
Discoloration Brown spots each: $25.00

EYE Treatment for puffiness & dark circles from fatigue: $50.0

Revitalight Pulse Anti-Aging + Collagen Serum (No pain ) Full Face + Neck - 40 ms: $125.00

Esthetic Soft Light Therapy and Hair Removal

Face + Neck + Eyes + Collagen Serum + Masque - 40 ms: $175.00

Papaya Enzyme Peeling - 20 ms: $20.00

Surface Instant Peeling - 20 ms: $20.00

PUMPKIN PEEL OFF LIFTING MASK for all skin type - US $ 95.00 + serum supplement 45ms.
Pumpkin is a rich source of antioxidants and enzymes that act like Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids have been shown to promote smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. Pumpkin also contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients, which may be used to help reverse the signs of aging. Imported by PAB from France.
MANGO  EXFOLIATING PEEL for all skin type  -  US $ 50.00    1/2 hour  treatment
Mango normalizes  the PH balance of the skin that has powerful anti-oxidant properties; Brown spots;it is high in Iron  and rich in Beta-Carotene; vitamin E and Selenium. Sun Protection is advised while using this product.  Highly recommended to brighten skin discoloration. Ingredients : All Natural Fruit Acid + Chamomille

Chemical Peel with 2% phenol Acid - 90 ms
One day formula: $200.00(Five day formula: $700.00)

Parrafin Masque for dull skin - 20 ms: $40.00

Decoltee & Neck super lifting Treat: $60.00

    Body Beautiful

Body Bleach (Whitening): $80.00

ENDERMOLOGIE LPG (cellulite Reductions) Medically approved by the FDA.
Half hour treatment: $100.00
Buy a package of 10 and receive a discount of $150.00 total of $850.00
Body suit (you can keep) $25.00

AromaTherapy Body Harmonie Cellulite Reduction
1 hour Half wrap: $70.00
(with Algea & Spirilina) 90 ms. Full wrap: $120.00

Stress Relief Body Massage - 1 hour: $80.00

Full Body Scrub with Mud: $80.00

Body Polish with Almond Scrub including Mini-Massage with oils: $95.00

Reflexology Foot Massage - 1/2 hr: $50.00 (InfraRed Botties included)

    Additional Services

HAIR REMOVAL By Hot Parrafin Wax Imported from France
Full Face + Cooling gel Masque: $50.00
Brows designing: $20.00 and up
Upper Lip: $15.00
Lip & Chin: $25.00
Full legs: 60.00
Half with knees: $30.00
Full legs with Bikini (Mayot): $75.00
Bikini: $30.00
Tummy: $10.00
Underarms: $25.00
Arms - Half : $30.00
Hands: $10.00 both hands
Arms - Full + Underarms: $50.00
Men - Shoulder & Back starting from $50.00 and up

High Frequency Violet Rays to dry Acne with Sulphur Masque + Bee Pollen Serum to prevent bacteria from spreading - 1/2 hour: $50.00

Tinting Lashes (Vegetable dye) imported: $30.00

Tinting Brows (color to be matched): $20.00

Individual Lashes (semi permanent): $50.00

Dry & Premature aging Hands with mitten: $30.00

Additional Special Options
Day Make-up - 1/2 hour: $40.00
Evening Make-up - 40 ms: $65.00
Complimentary Make-up application with the purchase of $100.00 products


Algaetherapy – Beauty Benefits

Algae therapy
There are several techniques or natural therapies and its use, since some years ago, now emerging and gaining some importance by many people. This is the case, for example, wine therapy or chocolate.
엘지치유법은 현재 유행처럼 번지고 힜다. 한때 와인치유법, 초코렛치유법이 유행하였듯이, 엘지를 온 몸에 바르면 지방질제거 주름제거 신체의 혈액순환을 도와 고령화를 예방해주며 젊어지게 해주는 새로운 치료법이다.
In regard to the use of these techniques from a standpoint of beauty and natural cosmetics, emphasizes the therapy is called algaetherapy.
건강한 자연 치유법이 바로 엘지쎄라피이다.
As its name indicates, and as I discuss in the next lines, the algaetherapy is characterized by the use of seaweed to enjoy healthier skin, hydrated, nourished and natural.
Algaetherapy, what is?
왜 엘지 미세조류인가?
As its name would indicate, the algaetherapy is a procedure that is based on wrapping around the body part or a mixture of algae at a temperature more or less moderate.
엘지치료라고 부르는 이 처방은 몸 전체에 엘지를 발라주고 비닐등으로 싸서 운동을 하거나 움직일 수 있고, 그냥 바르고 누워있기도 하며, 엘지 목욕물에 들어가서 노화예방, 주름제거를 할 수 있다. 온도는 적당한 온도에서 휴식을 취하면 몸이 개운해지면서 피로를 회복해주고 피부재생을 해준다.
Usually, the mixture of algae such as mucus up, sea lettuce and kelp.
Benefits algaetherapy
As I discussed in a previous article, there are many benefits of algae. To give just a few examples, have a high content of calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.
엘지는 다량의 칼슘, 유황, 미네랄, 비타민 등 피부노화를 예방해주는 다량의 물질을 함유하기 때문이다.
They also have a wide variety of vitamins and containing more or less interesting in chlorophyll.
다양한 비타민, 비타민 C, 비타민 B, B12 등을 함유한다.
From a general standpoint, they help to make the body a variety of nutrients, while helping to combat cellulite, added shine and strength to hair, and activate the metabolism.
다양한 영양분을 온 몸에 흡수하게되며, 지방질은 분해해주고, 머리칼에 영양분을주며 메아볼리즘을 활성화하여 피를 깨끗하게해주고 몸에 활력을 불어넣어주고 피부의 탄력을 찾아주어 주름을 제게해준다.
So small, here we present the benefits of the most interesting and useful algaetherapy:
아주 기적적으로 피부노화방지, 주릅살제거, 지방질분해, 머리칼을 건강하게 해주는 엘지, 기적의 제품이 탄생하였다.
1. Help against wrinkles by having a large amount of antioxidants.
주름을 제거해주고, 피부재생, 고령화 주름을 예방해준다.
2. Soften and give elasticity to the skin.
피부를 부드럽고 탄력있게 해준다.
3. Helps treat and eliminate cellulite.
지방질을 분해해 줘서 살빼는 약으로 활용된다.
4. Dan brightness and strength to hair.
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