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write date : 2018-10-17 15:13:56   
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New Energy Nexus. In Manila at the Asian Clean Energy Forum, we co-hosted the startup cafe and deep dive, consisting of two days of collaboration between early-stage Asian energy startups
▲ Danny Kennedy during his visit to Seoul May 2017

Resources and information for clean energy startups.
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June was a busy month for New Energy Nexus. In Manila at the Asian Clean Energy Forum, we co-hosted the startup cafe and deep dive, consisting of two days of collaboration between early-stage Asian energy startups, funders and policy makers, exploring how to improve the startup ecosystem in Asia. 

Meanwhile at the Clean Energy Ministerial in Beijing we participated in crucial conversation about the future of clean energy economies and chaired the panel Global Climate Innovation Platforms for Accelerators hosted by the World Wildlife Fund.

We closed the month hosting the second Free Electrons week-long module together with our accelerator partners Beta-i, Elemental Excelerator and swissnex San Francisco with one week of deal making between the world뭩 leading energy companies and innovative startups. We finished the module with a bang with the spectacular pitch event to European partners and investors at Trinity college in Dublin, hosted by ESB. Free Electrons was also featured in this article on Eniday. 

Funding, Competition & Accelerator Deadlines
VERGE 17 ACCELERATE PROGRAM - Santa Clara/Worldwide - July 8
EnergyLab Accelerator - Australia - July 9
DENA Energy Efficiency Award 2017 - Germany/Worldwide - July 15
GLG Social Impact Fellowship - USA/Worldwide - July 17
New Energy Challenge - Netherlands/Worldwide -  July 19
ProspectSV - Microgrid & DER Innovation Call - San Francisco - July 21
Climathon 2017 - Worldwide - October 15

Energy and CleanTech Start-Up Pitch - Santa Clara - July 13
POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa - Johannesburg - July 18
Australian Clean Energy Summit - Sydney - July 18
New Dawn 2017 - Oakland - August 17

Clean Energy Startup News
Brazil Plots Steady Clean-Energy Course Amid Political Turmoil
Prince Was a Secret Patron of Solar Power
Decentralized Renewable Energy: Complementing The Grid To Reach Millions Without Access In India
UK sets new renewable energy record as wind and solar surge
Battery Storage Takes Hold in the Wind Industry
The Race to Solar-Power Africa

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