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· MP 유엔미래포럼과 관계 

  [일반] MP situation chart and virtual MPPC Meeting, 29일 8pm korea time, MP PC Meeting  게시글을 twitter로 보내기 게시글을 facebook으로 보내기 게시글을 카카오스토리로 보내기
write date : 2020-06-04 08:20:59   

Jerome Glenn 도메인: hermes.gwu.edu 

첨부파일오전 4:13 (4시간 전)

Hi Everybody,

51 people have entered their preferred days for The Millennium Project  mini virtual Planning Committee Meeting: https://doodle.com/poll/auzaf7ysussisup3

As it stands right now:

Monday June 29th has 31 votes

Friday June 26 has 30 votes

Monday June 22 has 29 votes

So, unless something changes over the next week or so, we will hold it on Monday June 29th at 9 AM New York time.

37 people have signed up to give 2-minute reports


I realize 2 minutes sounds impossible, so: 1) put your ppt online some were (if you have no place to put it, try slideshare.com) and put the weblink to your pptx in the space next to your name in the google docs site above; 2) if possible give your 2-minute report without your pptx, as logistics could be a problem for so many; and 3) practice giving a 2 minute report before the meeting to make sure you can cover your most important points.  Naturally, some may want to ask you questions, Ok, but lets try to keep that to a minute per report.

Tony Carbonero tony.carbonero@innbox.sv  will host the Zoom meeting, and hopefully record it, so in case you miss what someone says, you can go back later to the recording. Please edit/update your Node section in the attached using Track Changes or color so it is easy for me to see the updates and edits. <<...>>

All the best,


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