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MOSTI, Biodiesel Production by Marine Unicellular Microalga, Nannochloropsis Oculata

Posted on 29/07/2011 by algaetech2011  
Our technology makes use of marine micro-algae Nanochloropsis oculata for the production of algae biodiesel. It includes cultivation of algae for biomass followed by extraction of algae oil and process the oil to produce biodiesel by transesterification. The Nanochloropsis oculata purchased from UTEX (University of Texas Culture Collection Center) was acclimatized to grow in Malaysian environmental conditions. The algae were sub-cultured and scaled up for mass cultivation in open raceway ponds in batch culture. The biomass was harvested and dried in sunlight. The dry algae powder was used to extract the oil and the oil is subsequently converted into biodiesel by transesterification.
Some of the major factors driving the future markets and demand for biodiesel are:
1. Limited availability and increased cost of fossil resources
2. Policy development, in particular climate change mitigation, sustainable production and consumption, Lisbon agenda, industrial policy and employment growth;
3. A changing consumer demand based on the awareness of the need to ensure sustainable production and consumption.
Advantages of our technology:
1. Our technology use standardized marine algae strain Nanochloriopsis oculata which is localized to grow in tropical conditions. The strain purchased from UTEX culture collection center which makes the technology easily transferable to any part of the world.
2. Our technology takes advantage over the natural renewable resource available in order to reduce the operational expenses. The technology uses naturally available seawater to avoid competing with food crops for freshwater
3.  The technology uses vertically stacked horizontal tubes to maximize the output in terms of usage of the land.
4. The technology is environment friendly as the net carbon balance is negative. The system uses lesser energy in terms of carbon emission to the amount of carbon dioxide captured.
5. The technology is economically sustainable as it generates revenue not only from the biomass manufactures but also from carbon trading.
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